M. A. Khasawneh

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We have measured a long-range supercurrent in Josephson junctions containing Co (a strong ferromagnetic material) when we insert thin layers of either PdNi or CuNi weakly ferromagnetic alloys between the Co and the two superconducting Nb electrodes. The critical current in such junctions hardly decays for Co thicknesses in the range of 12-28 nm, whereas it(More)
In the past year several groups have reported experimental evidence for spin-triplet supercurrents in Josephson junctions containing strong ferromagnetic materials. In this paper we present several new experimental results that follow up on our previous work. We study Josephson junctions of the form S/X/N/SAF/N/X/S, where S is a superconductor (Nb), N is a(More)
This study concentrates on the production of covalent molecular imprint polymers (MIPs) as highly selective sorbents for nortriptyline (NOR), a representative tricyclic antidepressant (TCA). The functionalized template contains a polymerizable 4-vinylphenyl carbamate moiety used to bind the template molecule to the polymer matrix. Polymerization with a(More)
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