M. A. Kelly

J. S. Mackenzie1
J. Clausen1
H. B. Rasmussen1
K. Halpin1
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Dispatches 239 Two outbreaks of a previously unknown disease in horses and humans occurred in Queensland in 1994. The outbreaks occurred within 1 month of each other in Brisbane and Mackay, which are approximately 1000 km apart. In the Brisbane incident, 21 horses were infected of which 14 died or were euthanized after severe clinical signs of an acute(More)
In the present study we determined the frequencies of four haplotypes of the human T-cell lymphotropic virus-related endogenous sequence, HRES-1, in 110 multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and 100 healthy control subjects from the United Kingdom. We found evidence of an association between this endogenous retrovirus and MS (p < 0.01), in particular reflecting(More)
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