M. A. Janquin

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For the routine determination of organic matter inmarine sediment, a rough estimate is often obtained bymeasuring the loss of weight on ignition(Difference-On-Ignition method: D.O.I.). This D.O.I. is to beused in ecological studies where organic material insediment is used as an environmental variable amongothers. A review of papers using this method showed(More)
From 1999 to 2005, studies carried out in the frame of regional and national French programs aimed to determine whether the Phaeocystis globosa bloom affected the intertidal benthic communities of the French coast of the eastern English Channel in terms of composition and/or functioning. Study sites were chosen to cover most of the typical shore types(More)
Ophiothrix fragilis forms dense aggregations (up to 2000 individuals. m-2) and represents more than 60% of the biomass on the pebbles of the sessile epifauna community in the Dover Strait (eastern English Channel). This population shows a relative stability (in terms of density and magnitude of benthic recruitment) which contrasts with the variability of(More)
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