M. A. Jamlos

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The goal of this paper is to designed ultra-wide band (UWB) array antenna for biomedical application. The array arrangement is introduced to improve the performance of the antenna in terms of return loss, gain, bandwidth, and directivity. In this paper, a four-element antenna array is presented. The antenna array is composed of quarter wave feed network(More)
The proposed Embroidery Wearable Snail Antenna (EWSA) is capable for dual-band operation which is 1.575 GHz for GPS application and 1.8 GHz for GSM application. The EWSA is basically designed in circle shape at the centre but then subtracted by square shape at the upper and bottom. In seeking good results, the optimization process is compulsory where the(More)
A 4×1 array Ultra wide band (UWB) antenna coaxially feed is proposed in this paper. Four copper circular patches are appropriately connected using quarter-wavelength transformer transmission line. Introduction of copper parasitic element and copper partial ground technique are applied in this proposed antenna. Taconic associated with 2.2 dielectric(More)
Human brain tumor is successfully detected and visualized by Graphene-based Magnetite Polydimethylsiloxane sensor through microwave imaging technique. The UWB antenna functioned as a sensor is made of graphene radiating element and magneto-dielectric (PDMS-Fe<sub>3</sub>O<sub>4</sub>) as the substrate to realize ultra-wide band radiation (2.5 GHz-12.2 GHz)(More)
A Prompt and Mobile (In-Situ) E-coli Detection Using Microwave Technique is proposed. In this paper, theoretical investigation has been carried out to determine the importance of microwave technique for detection of E-coli bacteria. We choose this type of bacteria to study their viability at different temperatures from 20&#x00B0; to 40&#x00B0;C. The basic(More)
A compact and high gain of circular super-wideband (SWB) antenna is proposed in this article. The proposed antenna has a design of basic circular patch with partial ground and a copper reflector to realize gain and bandwith enhancement. The significant feature of this design is the cautious manufacturing of the feed line with additional of two microstrip(More)
In this paper, a circular polarized multiple input multiple output (CP-MIMO) 2&#x00D7;2 array structure coupled with phased shift 90&#x00B0; feeding line and high gain performance are presented. The presented antenna is designed to operate in particular frequency of 5.8 GHz with circular polarization. The presented antenna combine three methods into a(More)
A novel green phase shifter system is proposed in this research. The system is developed by a combination of reconfigurable beam steering antennas and data acquisition (DAQ) boards. A combination of two reconfigurable beam steering antennas, located side-by-side, forms a spatial configuration structure with a fabricated ‘green’ element plank of rice husk(More)
Detecting the Survival of E. coli Bacteria in Different Types of Water Using Microwave Technique is proposed. In this paper, theoretical investigation has been carried out to determine the relation between dielectric constant of different types of water with the life of E. coli bacteria in all water and analyze them. The basic principle is to monitor the(More)
This paper presents microwave imaging system simulation for brain tumor detection of human head model developed using Computer Simulation Technology software. The detection method applied by analyzing processed scattering parameter (S-parameter) signals difference in the absence and presence of tumor in head model. The simulation system covered novel design(More)