M. A. Hoffman

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The integration of patient-specific genomic information into the electronic medical record (EMR) will create many opportunities to improve patient care. Key to the successful incorporation of genomic information into the EMR will be the development of laboratory information systems capable of appropriately formatting molecular diagnostic and cytogenetic(More)
Developmental change in the impact of stressful life events and coping styles were assessed among Israeli preadolescent and adolescent boys. A school sample completed a questionnaire tapping emotionally, cognitively, and practically oriented styles of coping, along with a life event survey. Teachers reported on behavior and adjustment. Analyses revealed(More)
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This study assessed contingencies in the effect of social support from parents and friends on adolescent self-esteem. Questionnaires were administered to 76 Israeli adolescents regarding self-esteem, stressful life events, and perceived level of support from mother, father, and friends. Maternal support had a strong effect on self-esteem. Aid from friends(More)
This study assessed the causes ascribed by Israeli children and youth for the Arab-Israeli conflict and the relation of these attributions to their expectations and emotions. The results highlight basic contingencies between the form of attribution and the character of emotional response and future expectation, with marked developmental variations in both(More)
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