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With a phase microscope the phase shift of cells from type L 929 fibroblast and mitochondria from liver cells was measured. Compared to the total phase shift caused by the cell relative to vacuum (approximately 1400 nm) the single phase shift of the mitochondria (approximately 180 nm) is small. Only the nucleus and the membrane of the cell give a visibly(More)
A transmissible agent (Breda agent) was isolated from a calf with diarrhea and shown to be infectious by inoculation orally into gnotobiotic and conventionally reared calves. The "Breda" agent had the morphology of a virus and possessed a hemagglutinin. Antigenic studies showed the virus to be antigenically different from bovine coronavirus, parainfluenza 3(More)
BACKGROUND Catatonia, a symptom complex with motor, affective and cognitive symptoms seen in a variety of psychotic conditions and with organic disease, was examined using a motor task using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). METHODS Two acute catatonic patients and two age- and sex-matched healthy controls performed sequential finger(More)
The structure elucidation of sex pheromones of Lepidoptera by a solid-sample injection technique in conjunction with capillary gas chromatography is described. The applicability of this method in GC and GC-MS modes was demonstrated by reanalyzing the sex attractants of females ofOstrinia nubilalis andBombyx mori. The pheromone complex ofMamestra brassicae(More)
The de novo biosynthesis of (Z)-11-hexadecenyl acetate, the most abundant pheromone component inM. brassicae, starting from acetate via palmitic acid, requires the presence of a pheromone-biosynthesis-activating neurohormone. Moreover, the conversion of palmitic acid to (Z)-11-hexadecenyl acetate is strongly dependent on the presence of the neurohormone.(More)
The histological changes in the inner ear were compared with the hearing ability in insulin deficiency diabetes of rats. 38 LEW-Han-rats were treated with streptocotocin; 34 of these became diabetic, as proved by the glucose tolerance test. 22 rats served as controls. The diabetes was not treated. For a period of up to 440 days the weight, blood glucose and(More)
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