M. A. Hernandez

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Scarce information about comparative diagnostic and therapeutic patterns in paediatric outpatients of different countries is found in the literature. To describe the similarities and differences observed in diagnosis and therapeutic patterns of paediatric patients of seven locations in different countries. Cross-sectional, prospective, international(More)
To describe patterns observed in the treatment of acute otitis media (AOM) in several locations of five countries. Cross-sectional, descriptive study. Random sample of 12,264 paediatric outpatients seen by paediatricians or general practitioners (GPs). Data on patient demographics, diagnoses and treatment were collected. Diagnoses were coded by ICD-9 and(More)
This article presents a new learning methodology based on a hybrid algorithm for interval type-1 non-singleton type-2 TSK fuzzy logic systems (FLS). Using input-output data pairs during the forward pass of the training process, the interval type-1 non-singleton type-2 TSK FLS output is calculated and the consequent parameters are estimated by the recursive(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the seroprevalence of Chagas disease among pregnant women and estimate the risk factors for Chagas disease during pregnancies. METHODS Community-based serological tests on Trypanosoma cruzi and structured interviews on socio-demographic and socio-economic status were conducted with pregnant women registered at three health centres(More)
The use of synchronous groupware offers to collaborators similar advantages than face to face meeting. Regarding the design of systems of this kind, the most accurate middleware is the use of messages oriented middleware (MOM). One of the current issues which affects also to collaborative environments is interoperability. More concretely, the use of web(More)
INTRODUCTION El Salvador does not have recent data on the prevalence of infection with soil-transmitted helminths among children aged under 15 years of age. As one of the countries in the Americas that reports few malaria cases, eradication of this disease from El Salvador is considered to be feasible. OBJECTIVE To determine the prevalence and intensity(More)
In the year 2004, Mexico adopted the standard of digital television ATSC A/53. In 2012 it projected to end the analog broadcasting in the end of year 2015. Presently our country is in that transition process and studying the possibility to implement SFN networks (Single Frequency Networks) for the ATSC Digital Television standard. Some options that are(More)
In Mexico, the adopted standard for Digital Terrestrial Television is ATSC (A/53), which uses 8-VSB modulation. In addition, ATSC M/H (A/153) is the standard for Mobile and Handheld Television, which also uses 8-VSB but with several improvements in channel coding. Mexico recently lived the analog to digital television transition, for this reason the(More)
The authors assert that some of the most regressed, treatment-resistant clients with persistent mental illness will show a favorable response to a group approach called remotivation therapy. The remotivation therapy techniques of the 1950s have been updated by psychiatric nurses and a social work clinician in one VA setting. The authors assert that(More)
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