M. A. Hands

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We present the results of combining design and selection to remodel a protein-peptide binding interface, using the peptide PTIEEVD and the TPR1 module interaction as our test case. We initially used the program Rosetta to interrogate possible TPR1 sequences compatible with binding the peptide PTIEEVD. Based on these results, we screened a small library of(More)
The term "co-dependency" has become somewhat established within the vernacular of the addiction field and is being used increasingly within the popular psychology and self-help literature. A review of this literature reveals that there is general agreement as to the core characteristics of co-dependency but virtually no agreement as to a workable(More)
An experiment using the phenomenon of percolation has been conducted to demonstrate the implementation of neural functionality (summing and sigmoid transfer). A simple analog approximation to digital percolation is implemented. The device consists of a piece of amorphous silicon with stochastic bit-stream optical inputs, in which a current percolating from(More)
Over the past decade research on women and alcohol has been gaining momentum with evidence of an accumulating data base and a growing section of the drug and alcohol literature specifically addressing this area of interest. Despite the gains made in gender sensitive research on substance use, a review of the literature reveals that many of the articulated(More)
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