M. A. Haimova

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Using specific bioassays i.e. radish cotyledon expansion, betacyanin synthesis in Amaranthus caudatus, and senescence retardation of isolated leaf explants, six 4-substituted 1-H pyrazoles and five 8-aza adenine analogues were tested for their cytokinin- and anticytokinin activity. Most of the pyrazole derivatives showed some cytokinin-like activity and(More)
The synthesis and physiological activity of some novel 4-substituted triazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidines and 4-substituted pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidines are described. Most of the compounds possessed high anticytokinin activity towards purine (benzyladenine) and phenylurea (4-PU-30) type cytokinins.(More)
We evaluated the ability of a series of 3-phenylhydantoin derivatives to induce a lymphoproliferative popliteal lymph node reaction in C57B1/6 mice. 5-Aryl-3-phenylhydantoins induced a significant lymphoproliferative reaction, whereas the 5-alkyl-substituted and the unsubstituted 3-phenylhydantoins did not. 5-Alkyl-3-phenylhydantoins were unable to induce a(More)
A series of new 7 beta-[3-(un)substituted-alanyl]-3-vinylcephalosporins and some related compounds, 4a-l is described. They incorporate residues of proteinogenic L-alpha-aminocarboxylic acids, their antimetabolites and enantiomers as well as a dipeptide in the 7 beta-acylamido side chain. The acylation of diphenyl-methyl(More)
In this paper the absorption and luminescence properties of some heterocycles incorporating the quinolizine [1] or indolizine [2] ring system are studied. The investigated compounds 1 [3], 2 a b [4], 3 [4], 4 a b [5], 5 [5] and 6 a c [6] are shown in Figure 1. There are no data in the literature on their luminescence properties. Quantum chemical(More)
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