M. A. Guadliana

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A new rapamycin producing culture was isolated and designated as Actinoplanes sp. N902-109. The addition of a cytochrome P-450 inhibitor and precursor feeding using this culture, and biotransformation approaches generated new rapamycin analogs with modifications at C-4, C-9, C-16, C-27, C-28 and/or C-39. The immunosuppressive activity of the resulting(More)
A well tolerated immune suppressant with efficacy comparable to cyclosporin A (CsA) and FK-506, both of which have significant side effects, should not only replace these agents but could also be employed beyond transplantation to treat a variety of chronic autoimmune diseases. The mode of action of CsA and FK-506 has been the topic of intensive study over(More)
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