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Since the early years of passive microwave remote sensing of the Earth, many papers have been published on the subjects of antenna side lobe correction and main beam sharpening. This paper shows that the two problems are interrelated, and involve the construction of a "point spread function" from neighboring image pixels generated by a scanning antenna(More)
Coaxial connectors can be used either to probe the electrical properties of microwave circuits (e.g., microstrip, stripline) or as a permanent interface to the circuit. When used as a permanent interface, connectors can degrade circuit performance unless their electrical properties are characterized and accounted for during circuit design. Although it is(More)
Absrruct-The performance of a conventional pair of surface acoustic wave interdigital transducers (IDT’s) used to generate bulk acoustic waves is analyzed. An IDT located on the upper surface of a thick, rotated Ycut quartz crystal acts as the acoustic equivalent of an array antenna, launchingacollimated beam into the crystal bulk. The beam is reflected off(More)
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