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It is accepted that the immune alterations in patients with thalassemia major (TM) are secondary to the continuous transfusion-related antigenic stimulation together with iron overload. We evaluated the immune status of TM patients and found quantitative alterations in the distribution of peripheral blood lymphocyte subpopulations as well as functional(More)
We studied the function of phagocytes and the distribution of lymphocyte subpopulations in 23 patients with Idiopathic Minimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome. All the patients were in relapse at the time of the study. The latter was performed before specific therapy was started. Our control group consisted of 26 normal children who were studied while undergoing(More)
We investigated the presence of NK suppressor factors in HIV+ sera. We further investigated if gp120 could be one of the substances responsible for the impairment of NKC regulation found in HIV+ asymptomatic patients. Our results indicate that HIV+ sera inhibit significantly normal NKC in a dose-dependent way, even at concentrations as low as 1%. The(More)
To evaluate natural killer cytotoxicity (NKC) and its regulation by interferon (IFN) in thalassemia major (TM), we studied 19 patients, 10 carriers (parents of 10 different patients) and 35 normal subjects (children and adults) as controls. We have found a diminished NKC, as well as a decrease in the percentages of cells bearing IgGFc receptors in TM(More)
In Buenos Aires, Argentina, health workers obtained peripheral blood samples from 22 HIV-infected people with either no symptoms or persistent lymphadenopathy to examine natural killer cytotoxicity (NKC) of asymptomatic HIV-infected (HIV+AS) cases and the effect of factors that regulate normal NKC. Researchers compared these results with those of 10(More)
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