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The evolving health care industry is placing new demands on its participants. Traditional institutional boundaries are being replaced by the need to cooperate, collaborate, and share increasingly scarce resources to provide high-quality care to patients. Information, which historically was coveted and protected, must now be shared by the multiple providers(More)
This paper describes the general features of the planning and operations phases of a new weapon system. The uncertainties inevitable in planning mean that considerable effort is made during the operations phase to adjust the weapon system and its resources to the actual environment it finds so as to attain the desired level of operational capability. The(More)
The electronic pharmacy interface is the unique aspect of Boston Medical Center's new clinician order entry system, which electronically transmits clinicians' orders to the laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy. The interface and several other enhancements create a platform for clinicians that provides for efficiency, standardization, documentation(More)
Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is an established alternative to prenatal testing for couples at risk of transmitting genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis (CF).PGD screens pre-implantation embryos, allowing the safe transfer of those identified as unaffected. Awareness of CF carrier status in Ireland is increasing following the introduction of(More)
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