M A Gawinowicz Kolks

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Although the glycoprotein hormone hCG was crystallized over 4 yr ago, it is only now that three-dimensional structural information is available. This manuscript reports the method for successful production of modified expressed hormone, the characteristics of the crystallized protein, and unexpected observations during the crystallization process. Two(More)
Early crosslinked alpha chain oligomers (E alpha XL) that formed within 1/2 h of in vitro clot formation were isolated from preparations of reduced, carboxymethylated fibrin by gel filtration on Sepharose CL-4B. Cyanogen bromide (CNBr) digestion of E alpha XL released a mixture of fragments which could be partially separated by Sephadex G-150(More)
In order to further characterize chemical, physicochemical, and immunochemical properties, as well as structure-function relationships, of the common alpha subunit of human glycoprotein hormones, a tryptic core was prepared from the alpha subunit of human choriogonadotropin. The core was purified in greater than 80% yield using gel permeation and(More)
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