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OBJECTIVE The Medpor implant (Porex Surgical, College Park, GA) is a porous polyethylene that has been used safely in areas in the head and neck. Medpor allows the in-growth of capillaries and soft tissue and reduces the risk of infection and extrusion. This study was undertaken to evaluate the use of the Medpor implant in laryngotracheal reconstruction and(More)
The use of rigid fixation for fractures of the extremities has become commonplace. The short- and long-term effects of rigid fixation on the growing hand, however, have not been studied thoroughly. In this project, the use of rigid fixation across metacarpal growth plates (physes) in growing primate hands was examined. The hypothesis to be tested was that(More)
Constricting band penile injuries in children may be caused by inadvertent entrapment by a variety of agents including hair, thread, and circumcision dressings. Alternatively, the offending band may have been self-applied or applied by an attendant. Unrelieved, the band causes serious vascular occlusion, progressive tissue necrosis, and injury to the(More)
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