M. A. Finch

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This study compared the nauseogenicity of two different strategies for exploring virtual environments whilst wearing an immersive head-mounted display. In the first, the head was kept still and movement was achieved solely by manipulating a hand-control. In the second, the subject was free (and encouraged) to move his or her head when exploring the virtual(More)
In the military, the use of teams to perform complex work functions is pervasive. Team performance is therefore critical, across a range of work contexts, for fulfilling operational requirements. To understand team performance, it is necessary to measure team performance. Valid and reliable measurement of the variables underlying effective team performance(More)
Australia and the United States have begun training transformations in response to significant new operational priorities (e.g., frequent coalition operations in a progressively more networked battlespace) and to the evolution of new training technologies. Large coalition training exercises (e.g., Red Flag, Pitch Black) are conducted infrequently and with(More)
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