M. A. Exarchos

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Silicon dioxide and silicon nitride as well as other insulating materials are used in micro-electro-mechanical systems. However, their tendency for electrostatic charging diminishes the device reliability. The charging effect becomes significant when these devices are subjected to ionizing radiation. The irradiation induced charging depends on the nature of(More)
In this paper we have investigated the temperature dependence of the charging effects in Metal-Insulator-Metal structures, aiming to obtain a better insight on the charging mechanism of RF-MEMS switch insulating layer. The accumulated charge kinetics have been monitored through the transient response of the depolarization current. The transient response is(More)
SLS ELA polysilicon TFTs fabricated in films crystallized with several novel techniques, yielding different film microstructure and texture, were investigated. The parameter statistics indicate that the TFT performance depends on film quality and asperities, in conjunction with the grain boundary trap density. The drain current transients, upon TFT switch(More)
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