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The eradication of bovine tuberculosis from North America is in the advanced stages as Canada and the United States struggle to remove the last vestiges of the disease from the domestic livestock population. Canada realistically anticipates total eradication from the national cattle herd within the next few years. The United States must yet effectively deal(More)
We have presented 73 patients (48 adults and 25 children) with microbiologically documented M. bovis infections identified over the 12-year period from 1980 through 1991. Epidemiologic investigation of these patients revealed that the majority (80%) were of Hispanic origin. The non-Hispanic patients either had traveled extensively outside the United States,(More)
Four greater kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) died while maintained in captivity at a zoo. Necropsy revealed tuberculous lesions in the lungs, spleen, and thoracic lymph nodes. Histopathologic findings included granulomas with Langhans' giant cells, necrosis, and mineralization. Acid-fast organisms isolated from tissues of each kudu were identified as(More)
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