M A El-Samahy

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One-hundred and four cases of acute viral hepatitis and 100 controls 13 years of age and less were entered into a study of acute hepatitis in children in Cairo, Egypt. Study subjects, who were mainly from a lower socioeconomic level, were selected from a public pediatric clinic. Acute non-A, non-B hepatitis was diagnosed in 51 (49%) patients, hepatitis A in(More)
Addiction is a major problem confronting the whole world today. Disruption of interpersonal relationships, economic loss, and crimes against property are frequent consequences. Harm to the individual himself extends to all physiological systems. In the present study, we examined semen samples of six addicts by light and electron microscopy.(More)
This study aimed to evaluate the effects of dietary energy restriction on postnatal liver development in Hu sheep ram lambs. A total of 16 ram lambs were randomly divided into two groups: 100% energy requirements diet and 55% energy requirements diet, which were fed for 75 d. Results showed that the final body and liver weights decreased with energy(More)
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