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Two species of Neoseiulus, N. californicus and N. cucumeris, showed potential for biocontrol of phytophagous mites on strawberry. N. californicus controlled Tetranychus urticae on potted strawberry plants in a gauze-sided glasshouse at temperatures comparableto early summer in the UK (8–20°C). Both species of phytoseiid reducednumbers of the tarsonemid(More)
Newborn attention to, and discrimination of, facelike patterns was examined in three experiments employing 35 one- to three-day-old infants. Differential eye tracking and head turning to three moving stimuli (a schematic face, a scrambled face, and a luminance-matched blank) were measured in two of the three experiments. The newborns turned their eyes and(More)
Using a leaf disc transformation procedure andAgrobacterium- mediated gene transfer, transgenic apple and strawberry plants have been produced that carry a gene encoding a cowpea trypsin inhibitor (CpTl). This gene is known to confer resistance to several lepidopteran and coleopteran insect pests. Scientific and regulatory aspects of this type of work are(More)
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