M A Drumtscheva

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A case with nodular lymphoid hyperplasia of the jejunal mucosa associated with hypo- and dysgammaglobulinemia, increased susceptibility to infections, recurrent giardia invasions, absence of plasma cells in the bone marrow and jejunal mucosal stroma and extremely increased number of mucosal mast cells has been described. The latter was supposed to be an(More)
Two cases with typical clinical and histological manifestations of Whipple's disease were reported. Peroral jejunal biopsies were studied in the florid stage and during remission achieved by tetracycline therapy. A complete absence of immunoglobulin-containing cells (Ig-CC) and an increased number of mast cells in the mucosa were established in one of the(More)
An immunofluorescent and histologic morphometric study of jejunum biopsy specimens has been performed. Following data were taken into consideration; immunoglobulin-containing cells (Ig-CC) per 0.1 mm2 mucosal stroma, absolute quantities and percentage of IgA-, IgM- and IgG-CC, interepithelial lymphocytes (Ie-L) per 1 mm length of muscularis mucosae,(More)
A simplified immunofluorescent morphometric technique for quantitative determination of immunoglobulin-forming cells (Ig-FC) in the small intestine mucosa was described. The following average values were established in 19 cases with chronic enteritis: total amount of Ig-FC: 117.5/0.1 mm2 villous area; IgA-FC = 78.4%, IgM-FC = 15.6%, and IgG-FC = 4.8%. An(More)
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