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A repeatable procedure for fertilization of bovine ova in vitro is described. Oocytes were recovered from ovarian follicles or from oviducts near the time of ovulation following treatment of donors with pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin (PMSG) and prostaglandin F2 alpha (PGF2 alpha). For in vitro capacitation semen was incubated, then high ionic strength(More)
In a delayed matching-to-sample task, the impact of clear or ambiguous go versus clear no-go signals on the post-imperative negative variation (PINV) was examined in 11 patients with a chronic schizophrenic disorder (DSM-III-R) and in a control group of 13 healthy subjects matched to the patient sample by age, sex, and education. Size and spatial position(More)
It has been reported that platelets stimulate generation of reactive oxygen species in neutrophils and monocytes by a mechanism that requires mutual cell-cell contact and the presence of P-selectin on the platelet surface. In the present study we investigated the effect of platelet-neutrophil contacts on neutrophil elastase secretion and phagocytic(More)
Our experiments on transmitting high-power excimer laser pulses through optical fibers and our investigations on excimer laser ablation of hard tissue show the feasibility of using the excimer laser as an additional instrument in general and accident surgery involving minimal invasive surgery. By combining XeCl-excimer lasers and tapered fused silica fibers(More)
In an experimental investigation we examined the possibility to create an open pathway between the anterior chamber and Schlemm's canal by excimer laser ablation of the trabecualr meshwork (AT) in enucleated eyes. A quartzfiber was directed through the anterior chamber to the opposite chamber angle. With an energy of 0.3-1.5 mJ and wavelengths of 248 and(More)
Cutting and drilling of bone- and meniscus tissue were performed using a XeCl-excimer laser combined with a tapered fiber. Ablation speed on meniscus tissue is already sufficient, the thermal damage of the adjacent tissue is minimal. Increasing of energy transmission through special fibers promises higher ablation rates also on hard biological tissue and(More)
This work represents efforts towards development of the zona-free hamster ovum sperm penetration assay for predicting relative levels of fertility for semen from individual bulls. Results reported here followed insemination of hamster vitelli with bull sperm, after frozen storage, with observations of sperm acrosomes and parallel inseminations of more than(More)
In 20 guinea pigs 4 test areas were treated with a standard surfactant vehicle twice weekly for 3 weeks. In another 20 animals the same treatment was carried out with the addition of 1% cadmium sulfide on one area, of 10% coal tar distillate on another, 2% ichthyol sodium on the 3rd and 1% Omadine MDS on the 4th. At the end of the test in both animal(More)
Die durchgeführten Experimente zeigen die Schneid- und Bohrmöglichkeiten einer Excimerlaser-Faser-Kombination am Knochen- und Meniskusgewebe auf. Für die Abtragungsvorgänge am Meniskus konnten bereits akzeptable Operationsgeschwindigkeiten erzielt werden. An den Hart- wie auch an den Weichgeweben hinterlassen die Ablationsvorgänge dabei nur begrenzte,(More)
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