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An anaphylactic reaction is a rare, but severe anaesthetic complication. In this retrospective survey we report on patients with a severe suspected anaphylactic reaction during anaesthesia and the investigation with intradermal skin testing of these suspected anaphylactic reactions. In the patients with an anaphylactic reaction to neuromuscular blocking(More)
Desflurane has been implicated in carbon monoxide (CO) intoxication during general anesthesia under certain circumstances. Carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) concentrations were determined in forty-one patients who were randomly allocated to receive closed-circuit anesthesia (CCA) with 1.3 MAC of desflurane (n = 21) or isoflurane (n = 20) in oxygen. Soda lime was(More)
The incidence and severity of retinal haemorrhage were examined in 976 babies born by vaginal delivery. The influence of the method of analgesia, instrumental delivery and parity was studied. The mothers of 638 infants received extradural analgesia, while the other 338 received either narcotics or no analgesia. Extradural analgesia did not lead to a higher(More)
The influence of maternal position on the spread of local anesthetics in low concentration has not been well examined during epidural analgesia for labor. This study was designed to investigate the differences in sensory block, pain relief and incidence of supine hypotensive syndrome between parturients in the left lateral position and in a modified supine(More)
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