M. A. Danilovskii

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Expression of two copper-transporting P1-type ATPases (ATP7A and ATP7B), the CTR1 protein, a high-affinity copper transporter, and ceruloplasmin (Cp), a copper-containing ferroxidase was studied. The level of mRNA of these proteins was determined by RT-PCR analysis, the distribution of polypeptides encoded by these genes was determined by immunoblotting,(More)
The motor function recovery was studied for 3 weeks after surgical unilateral damage of the motor cortex in albino rats. Distance between the 1st and the 5th fingers was compared in intact sham--operated, operated rats, and operated animals which were suboccipitally injected with brain extract obtained from reconvalescent donor rats with the same type of(More)
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Unilateral injury to structures of the motor cortex [1-3] leads to disturbances of the function of the segmental apparatus of the spinal cord, manifested as fixation of postural asymmetry (PA) by the lumbar segments. The active principle for PA fixation consists of peptide postural asymmetry factors (PAF), found in the CSF and brain extracts of animals in(More)
Reaction of pose asymmetry was studied in rats subjected to unavoidable pain stimulation of 5 and 20 min duration after chordotomy. Single 20-min stimulation led to the appearance in all animals of right-side pose asymmetry, if the chordotomy took place immediately after the impact. If the chordotomy took place 24 h after the stimulation, the animals were(More)
2. 3. 4. 5. Yu. O: Volynskii, V. V. Goloma, S. Ya. Berdikyan, e t a [ . , in: Proceedings of the 14th Congress of the I. lo. loavlov All-Union Physiological Society tin Russian], Vot. 2, Leningrad (1983), p. 156. M. lo. Sakharov, Ts. R. Orlova, N. I. Vasil 'eva, et al., Kardiologtya, No. 9, 91 (1980). Physiology of the Circulation. Physiology of the Heart(More)
A comparative investigation was made of the protein composition of structures of the rat brain (premotor cortex, area CA3 of the hippocampus, caudate nucleus, frontal lobe of the cerebellum) by electrophoresis in a continuous gradient of polyacrylamide gel (PAG) pores in capillary tubes. This method was shown to have much greater resolving power than(More)