M A Danilovskiĭ

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Reaction of pose asymmetry was studied in rats subjected to unavoidable pain stimulation of 5 and 20 min duration after chordotomy. Single 20-min stimulation led to the appearance in all animals of right-side pose asymmetry, if the chordotomy took place immediately after the impact. If the chordotomy took place 24 h after the stimulation, the animals were(More)
Unilateral impairments of brain led to appearance of posture asymmetry factors (PAF) in central nervous system, which caused asymmetric function of spinal centers and were responsible for asymmetry of limb muscular tension. During compensation symmetrization of muscular tension was followed by inactivation of PAF using developed in central nervous system(More)
The role of neurohumoral factors in the mechanisms of restoring the lost motor functions after two successive unilateral removals of the neocortex motor region, was studied. The dynamics of the restoring correlated with the posture asymmetry factor (PAF) activity in the CSF. PAF activity was reduced during the restoring by an inactivation factor (FI).(More)
The motor function recovery was studied for 3 weeks after surgical unilateral damage of the motor cortex in albino rats. Distance between the 1st and the 5th fingers was compared in intact sham--operated, operated rats, and operated animals which were suboccipitally injected with brain extract obtained from reconvalescent donor rats with the same type of(More)
The effect of the CSF components of the rats who had restored motor deficiency after left unilateral removal of motor neocortex, was studied in the rats with an analogous brain lesion. The first group of animals received a thermostable fraction of the donor CSF containing active factors of the posture asymmetry (FPA). The second group of animals were given(More)
A comparative study of the protein composition of the brain structures of rats (premotor area of the cortex, the CA3 region of the hyppocampus, the caudate nucleus, the frontal area of the cerebellum) was carried out by the method of disc electrophoresis in the micro- and macroscale. Protein zones were identified by their relative electrophoretic mobility(More)