M. A. Cruz-Chavez

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This paper presents an algorithm called CSP-IRPTW for the vehicles routing problem with time windows (VRPTW), which applies the PCP method (precedence constraint posting) used for models of scheduling as a CSP (constraint satisfaction problem). PCP involves the calculation of the shortest path in partial and global form, between pairs of nodes and among all(More)
This paper presents a neighborhood generation mechanism for the job shop scheduling problems (JSSP). In order to obtain a feasible neighbor with the generation mechanism, it is only necessary to generate a permutation of an adjacent pair of operations in a scheduling of the JSSP. If there is no slack-time between the adjacent pair of operations that is(More)
In this paper, the Zavala-Cruz algorithm is presented to solve the knapsack problem with one parameter. The foundation of the algorithm is shown; it is based largely on the algorithm of Horowitz-Sahni, with the lower and upper bounds taken from Dantzig, and the artifices of simulated annealing used to in order to escape of the local optimums. The(More)
In this paper a new sign coding approximation method for the wavelet coefficients in a 2D image codec based on a simulated annealing metaheuristic is presented. The efficiency of the proposed algorithm versus a genetic algorithm using benchmarks of Kodak is compared and showing that the proposed sign prediction algorithm is efficient and provides a(More)
Micro alloyed steels mechanical properties can be modified by nano-modification based on aging heat treatments inducing different levels of nano precipitates on their surface microstructure. Under sour corrosion, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) technique could serve to identify the modified micro alloyed steel corrosion properties. This paper(More)
This article presents the Iterated Local Search Algorithm (ILS) heuristic with a neighborhood hybrid structure, composed of four different types of adjacent structures. Their effectiveness was evaluated to maximize the micro alloyed steels mechanical strength. Tests show that ILS using a hybrid structure has better mechanical strength for the micralloyed(More)
In this paper an unsupervised clustering method for the Capacited Vehicle Routing Problem is proposed. Advantages and disadvantages of the proposed algorithm are weighed, and comparisons are made to some clustering algorithms commonly used in the literature to tackle routing problems. Experimental tests were performed using Solomon and Hering/Homberger(More)
An experimental analysis of five neighborhoods is presented. The analysis includes a hybrid structure comprised of one random pair, two random pairs, three random pairs or four random pairs. The efficiency and effectiveness of each structure was tested using the minimum spanning tree problem. As proposed in this research paper, the hybrid structure approach(More)
This paper presents an algorithm that applies a new mechanism in order to generate scheduling which allows for evaluation of the quality of solutions that are obtained in the job shop scheduling problem (JSSP). In this research, the quality of the solution is evaluated by using the makespan as an objective function. It is demonstrated experimentally that(More)
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