M. A. Careem

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Large scale disasters bring together a diversity of organizations and produce massive amounts of heterogeneous data that must be managed by these organizations. The lack of effective ICT solutions can lead to a lack of coordination and chaos among these organizations, as they track victims' needs and respond to the disaster. The result can be delayed or(More)
The demand for actuators based on conducting polymers is growing due to their highly desirable features such as large mechanical strength, high power density, sufficient maximum strain values, high reversibility and good safety properties. Many attempts have been made to improve the actuator performance. We report here some electromechanical measurements on(More)
Polypyrrole polymer films doped with the large, immobile dodecylbenzene sulfonate anions operating in alkali halide aqueous electrolytes has been used as a novel physico-chemical environment to develop a more direct way of obtaining reliable values for the hydration numbers of cations. Simultaneous cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical quartz crystal(More)
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