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There has been significant recent progress in solving the long-standing problems of how nuclear shell structure and collective motion emerge from underlying microscopic inter-nucleon interactions. We review a selection of recent significant results within the ab initio No Core Shell Model (NCSM) closely tied to three major factors enabling this progress:(More)
The phase diagram of a two-fluid bosonic system is investigated. The proton-neutron interacting boson model (IBM-2) possesses a rich phase structure involving three control parameters and multiple order parameters. The surfaces of quantum phase transition between spherical, axially-symmetric deformed, and SU * πν (3) tri-axial phases are determined, and the(More)
Exact numerical diagonalization of the Bohr Hamiltonian by SU(1, 1) × SO(5) methods is used to obtain detailed quantitative predictions for single-phonon and multi-phonon excitations in well-deformed rotor nuclei. Dynamical γ deformation is found to significantly influence the predictions through its coupling to the rotational motion. Basic signatures for(More)
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