M. A. Bernabé

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This work presents a hybrid approach for domain ontology development, which merges top-down and bottom-up techniques. In the top-down approach the concepts in the ontology are derived from an analysis and study of relevant information sources about the domain (e.g., hydrographic features). In the bottom-up approach the concepts in the ontology are the(More)
Neurostatin was originally described as an inhibitor of astroblast and astrocytoma division present in rat brain extracts and immunologically related to the sugar moiety of epidermal growth factor receptor and to blood group antigens. It was purified recently from mammalian brain extracts and characterized as a glycosphingolipid, but its precise structure(More)
Various fractions were extracted from cell-wall material of Eupenicillium crustaceum, Penicillium brevi-compactum, P. decumbens, Aspergillus flavipes and A. ochraceus. The most characteristic fractions, which may have chemotaxonomic relevance, were F1I, an alpha-(1-3) glucan (alkalisoluble, water-insoluble), which amounted to 16.2-32.5% of the cell-wall(More)
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