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An antibiotic, epicorazine A, isolated from a particular strain of the fungus Epicoccum nigrum, was shown to be a new epidithiodiketopiperazine from its UV, IR, mass, NMR and CD spectra. X-Ray diffraction measures confirmed this structure and its absolute configuration.
Isariins B, C and D, isolated from a strain of Isaria felina, were shown to be cyclodepsipeptides constituted by a pentapeptide cyclized through a beta-hydroxyacid. The nature of the latter and the sequence of the peptide were determined for each compound. Relations between insecticidal activity and structure of the depsipeptides were pointed out.
Three new cyclodepsipeptides related to the previously described isariin were isolated from a strain of Isaria felina. They were named isariins B, C and D. Isariin D and, to a lesser extent, isariin C, exhibited insecticidal activity against Galleria mellonella larvae, whereas isariin B and isariin itself proved inactive.
An atmosphere isolate of the fungus Epicoccum nigrum was found to exhibit an activity against Staphylococcus aureus. A more active, non-sporulating variant of this strain was selected. From its fermentation broth, two novel compounds, epicorazines A and B, were isolated by preparative TLC and tested against a series of bacteria.
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