M. A. Ayude

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Pentachlorophenol (PCP) and its sodium salt (Na-PCP) are extremely toxic chemicals responsible for important soil and groundwater pollution, mainly caused by wastes from wood-treatment plants, because chlorinated phenols are widely used as wood preservatives. The methods most commonly used for routine analysis of pesticides such as PCP and Na-PCP are(More)
The oxidation of phenol solutions (5 g/L) has been studied in a semibatch autoclave reactor. Activity screening experiments were performed over two commercial catalysts: CuO+ZnO (Topsoe) and CuO+NiO (Engelhard), and CuO/Al2O3 prepared in our laboratory. Isothermal runs between 393 and 423 K were carried out under an oxygen pressure of 7 bar. Phenol(More)
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