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Cold acclimation has been shown to produce a substantial increase in the number of brown adipocytes in the parametrial fat pad of female BALB/c mice-a site normally thought to consist of typical white adipocytes. The brown adipocytes have been identified not only on the basis of their morphology using light and electron microscopy, but also on the basis of(More)
The concentration of the 'uncoupling protein' in brown adipose tissue mitochondria has been measured in lean and obese (ob/ob) mice and Zucker (fa/fa) rats at different ages using a specific radioimmunoassay. During the suckling period the concentration of the protein was similar in normal and mutant animals of both types, despite the decrease in(More)
The effects of acute and chronic exposure to different environmental temperatures on the total tissue cytochrome oxidase activity, level of mitochondrial GDP binding, and specific mitochondrial concentration of uncoupling protein have been investigated in rat brown adipose tissue, a radioimmunoassay being used to measure uncoupling protein. Acclimation at(More)
A new method of classifying women according to their pattern of fat distribution is discribed. Standard linear-discriminant analysis of data from somatotype photography shows that the most important measurements are those of thigh and waist diameters and a simple ratio of these is proposed as a fat distribution (FD) score, ie one which distinguishes an(More)
The effect of acclimation temperature on the concentration of the mitochondrial 'uncoupling' protein (Mr 32000) from brown adipose tissue of mice has been investigated. The uncoupling protein was measured by a specific radioimmunoassay. Between 33 degrees C (thermoneutrality) and -2 degrees C there was a progressive increase with decreasing environmental(More)
An alternative to the fat distribution (FD) score based on photographic measurements is constructed by discriminant analysis based on waist and thigh circumferences: Fat distribution (circumference) score (CFD score) = 29 log10 (waist circumference-36 log10 (thigh circumference)+10.5. The CFD score shows a correlation of 0.88 with the FD score over 54(More)
Significant levels of mitochondrial uncoupling protein were demonstrated on neonatal dog mitochondria prepared from perirenal, bladder and subcutaneous adipose tissue sites. The protein was not detected in homogenates of adipose tissue samples from the same sites in adult, control dogs. However, chronic treatment of adult dogs with a beta-stimulant (LY(More)
1. The aim of this investigation was to ascertain of a variety of obese rodents whether the primary cause of fat cell enlargement lay in the fat cell itself, or in its environment. Rodents studied were the mutant mice 'diabetic' (db/db), 'adipose' (dbad/dbad), and 'yellow obese' (Ay/+), New Zealand obese mice, CBA mice made obese with gold thioglucose, and(More)