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Netrin-1 is a secreted protein that directs long-range axon guidance during early stages of neural circuit formation and continues to be expressed in the mammalian forebrain during the postnatal period of peak synapse formation. Here we demonstrate a synaptogenic function of netrin-1 in rat and mouse cortical neurons and investigate the underlying(More)
The absorption of radiation in multicrystal PET detectors results in different decay-time pulses. The differences between these pulse decay time constants are used to discriminate between different scintillator materials. In this paper, pulse shape discrimination (PSD) techniques based on the discrete sine transform (DST) and discrete cosine transform (DCT)(More)
Two Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD) techniques are proposed based on Cross Correlation (CC) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA). In CC-based PSD, two schemes are proposed to discriminate between different decay scintillation pulses. The first CC-based scheme is applied to digitized scintillation pulses in time-domain with different numbers of samples(More)
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