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Heterostructured thin films differing either in their structure, composition, or in both have shown novel magnetic, [1,2] super-conducting, [3] ferroelectric, or electromechanical [4,5] responses. In the case of ferroelectrics, multilayers or superlattices have displayed enhanced polarization, [5–7] high dielectric permittiv-ity [8,9] and in some instances,(More)
We investigate the interfacial chemistry of secondary Fe 2 O 3 phases formed in a BiFeO 3 (BFO) layer in BFO/ La 0.67 Sr 0.33 MnO 3 (LSMO)/SrTiO 3 (STO) heterostructures. A combination of high-resolution spherical aberration corrected scanning TEM and spectroscopy results, reveals that specific chemical and crystallographic similarities between Fe 2 O 3 and(More)
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