M. A. Ansari

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Grid resources having heterogeneous architectures, being geographically distributed and interconnected via unreliable network media, are at the risk of failure. Grid environment consists of unreliable resources; therefore, fault tolerant mechanisms can not be ignored. Some scientific jobs require long commitments of grid resources whose failures may not be(More)
This paper provides an in-depth survey of challenges in the design of intelligent information retrieval systems, pointing out some similarities and differences in the core data mining and web based search operations. The procedures for evaluation of search engine performance and implicit feedback of the user with respect to a search result are studied with(More)
In this research paper we undertook the problem of Location Determination of Mobile nodes in a Wireless Local area network, as finding out the location in a wireless environment is to-date not very easy, cheap and accurate using 802.11b technology. We used the classical method of Triangulation with a little alteration which is later on described in the(More)
In this paper a comparative analysis of different types of medical image compression techniques have been made for the telemedicine application. We find that lossless techniques are not much feasible for large data compression while the lossy compression techniques can compress a huge amount of data selectively to improve the over all compression ratio. The(More)
With the increase in automation, the industrial control systems are automated with computers. Computer control and monitor the industrial operations that exist in the physical world with virtual simulation tools. In this paper, we present a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) based fully automated master station in the integrated substations(More)
A neural network model is developed for prediction of solid oxide fuel cell performance. The back propagation algorithm is used for the cell voltage and power prediction. As the model is developed, the neural network model's prediction is presented and compared with the physical non-linear model results. Hence, the neural network structure based on the(More)
BACKGROUND In osteosarcoma tissue, both MMP-2 and MMP-9 are over expressed compared to their expression in non-affected stromal tissue. Hence, gelatinases are attractive targets for anti-osteosarcoma drugs. OBJECTIVE To study the inhibitory activity of compounds isolated from Ageratum houstonianum against MMP-2 and MMP-9 by in-silico approach. MATERIAL(More)
In huge databases Image processing takes more time for execution on a single core processor because of slow single thread algorithms. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is more popular now-a-days due to their speed, programmability, low cost and more inbuilt execution cores in it. Most of the researchers started work to use GPUs as a processing unit with a(More)