M. A. Angrosh

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Identification of contexts associated with sentences is becoming increasingly necessary for developing intelligent information retrieval systems. This article describes a supervised learning mechanism employing a conditional random field (CRF) for context identification and sentence classification. Specifically, we focus on sentences in related work(More)
Research articles are an important form of scientific communication. However, currently there are hardly any systems which exploit the content of research articles for information retrieval. The paper describes our work carried out in developing ontology-based information retrieval system using information extracted about sentences in research articles. We(More)
In recent years, the dramatic increase in academic research publications has gained significant research attention. Research has been carried out exploring novel ways of providing information services using this research content. However, the task of extracting meaningful information from research documents remains a challenge. This paper presents our(More)
This paper reports our research work carried out for developing intelligent information systems using citation context information extracted from research articles. We explain in this paper the steps followed for identifying, extracting and managing contextual data from articles published in ESWC series. Reporting on the amount of triplification data(More)
Scientific literature is an important medium for disseminating scientific knowledge. However, in recent times, a dramatic increase in research output has resulted in challenges for the research community. An increasing need is felt for tools that exploit the full content of an article and provide insightful services with value beyond quantitative measures(More)
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