M. A. Al-Awqati

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Serum concentrations of sex hormone binding globulin, transcortin, thyroxine binding globulin, transthyretin together with retinol binding protein, ceruloplasmin, transferrin and albumin were measured sequentially in pregnant women in order to derive more definite suppositions relating to the prime function of hormone binding proteins. Thus, the fact that(More)
We utilized the Amicon micropartition system (MPS-1) to prepare ultrafiltrates of serum for evaluating non-protein-bound copper (NPBCu). The method is rapid (a usual turnaround time less than 2 h), practical (only 1 mL of serum is required), and reproducible (average CV = 5.7% within assay and 9.3% between assays). Using this technique, we determined that(More)
A low-cost and simple method has been developed for the preparation of human or animal protein-based adsorbents for use in the thyroid hormone uptake test. A combination of sodium sulphate precipitation and glutaraldehyde polymerisation of pooled whole serum or purified albumin preparations was employed to yield a fine solid-phase suspension which(More)
Different indexes of thyroid function were determined in conjunction with values obtained with a new commercial radioimmunoassay kit for serum free thyroxin, in 49 apparently healthy subjects, 87 pregnant women, and 142 outpatients attending the thyroid clinic. The results indicate a diagnostic success rate of 88% when free thyroxin was measured instead of(More)
An homogenate of human foetal adrenal gland was subjected to negative immunoabsorption by column chromatography using anti-whole human serum coupled to Sepharose 4B. Two peaks were eluted and used to immunize rabbits. The antisera produced were absorbed and tested for specificity by double immunodiffusion. Two antigens, which appeared to be specific to the(More)
THE PRODUCTION by human tumours of a variety of substances, widely known today as "tumour markers", is now well recognized and could, at least in theory, provide a biochemical index to facilitate cancer detection and treatment. Unfortunately , no tumour marker has yet been found which is specific for malignant disease, and their value is minimal in the(More)
Free amino acids together with copper, iron and zinc were measured in sera of 67 adult patients with thyrotoxicosis (n = 29) or hypothyroidism (n = 38). In contradistinction to the almost indifferences exhibited by the three metals, many amino acids displayed significant relationships with the thyrometabolic activity (mainly tyrosine and arginine with r(More)
A retrospective rationalization of commonly performed tests and procedures for the assessment of patients with suspected thyroid disease was attempted. The final diagnosis, in 392 consecutive new referrals to a central thyroid clinic, was primarily established by combined criteria of clinical/scintigraphic/cytopathologic findings. Detailed statistical(More)