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OBJECTIVE To compare pregnancy rates and outcomes in patients who underwent tuboplasty alone versus those who had simultaneous myomectomy and tuboplasty for distal tubal occlusion. STUDY DESIGN One hundred eighty-eight patients underwent tuboplasty alone. An additional 56 were treated by both myomectomy and tuboplasty, and 8 others underwent tuboplasty,(More)
The brains of goldfish and other teleosts contain high-affinity binding sites for [3H][3-methyl-His2]thyrotropin-releasing hormone [( 3H]MeTRH) which closely resemble TRH receptors in mammalian brain and pituitary gland in apparent dissociation constant (KD = 3-4 nM), in pharmacology for eight TRH analogs, and in exhibiting marked regional differences in(More)
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