M. A. Abdl-Rahman

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Seventy six New Zealand white rabbits of about 700 ± 80 gm live weight were used to evaluate the influence of diet supplemented with urea-bentonite combination on cecal characteristics, metabolism and rabbit growth performance. The rabbits were assigned into four dietary treatments control, bentonite-supplemented (with 2.5% sodium bentonite),(More)
Short term in vitro incubations were used to evaluate the effect of fumaric acid bentonite coupled addition on rumen fermentation effeciency. Ruminal contents from five steers were used for preparation of inoculums of mixed rumen microorganisms that were used in generatation of three treatment systems, negative control, fumaric acid treated, and fumaric(More)
The aim of the present experiment was to study the synergistic effects of dietary supplementation with coated slow released sodium butyrate (CM3000) and a commercial synbiotic (Poultry-Star) on the productive performance and intestinal morphometry of the growing rabbits. Thirty two apparently healthy male New Zealand rabbits with average body weight of 544(More)
The aim of the current study was to evaluate the effect of sodium lauryl sulfate-fumaric acid coupled addition on in vitro methangenesis and rumen fermentation. Evaluation was carried out using in vitro gas production technique. Ruminal contents were collected from five steers immediately after slaughtering and used for preparation of inoculums of mixed(More)
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