M. A. Abd El-Baky

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A mesh network is a popular architecture which has been implemented in many multicomputer systems. It is preferred because it o€ers useful edge connectivity and is partitioned into units that are still meshes. It is also scalable and has a number of features that make it particularly amenable to high-performance computing. The 2-D mesh topology has become(More)
A torus topology is widely used in multicomputer design because of its many features. This paper presents an efficient path-based multicast algorithm in wormhole-routed 2D torus networks. The proposed algorithm can achieve a high degree of parallelism and low communication latency over a wide range of traffic loads. Since, it relies on a new approach that(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine some of the neuropsychiatric manifestations of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) by applying multimodal neurophysiological and psychometric studies. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-six SLE patients were evaluated for neurological and psychiatric disorders and compared with 26 healthy controls matched for age, sex, education, and social(More)
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