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—Monitoring of physical phenomena is one of the most promising application fields of wireless sensor networks. In this work we focus on obtaining the shape of a forest fire. In this kind of applications, the information sensed by network nodes is usually transmitted to a base station located at the border of the network, where it is finally processed.(More)
In response to complement activation, the membrane attack complex (MAC) assembles from fluid-phase proteins to form pores in lipid bilayers. MAC directly lyses pathogens by a 'multi-hit' mechanism; however, sublytic MAC pores on host cells activate signalling pathways. Previous studies have described the structures of individual MAC components and(More)
Eukaryotic ectotherms of the Southern Ocean face energetic challenges to protein folding assisted by the cytosolic chaperonin CCT. We hypothesize that CCT and its client proteins (CPs) have co-evolved molecular adaptations that facilitate CCT-CP interaction and the ATP-driven folding cycle at low temperature. To test this hypothesis, we compared the(More)
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