M. Ángeles Pastor

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OBJECTIVE Over the last decade, family medicine has been progressively rejected by medical students as a career choice in many Western countries. Our objective is to contribute to a better understanding of this phenomenon by examining the reputation of and identification processes with family medicine by medical students. DESIGN A qualitative case study.(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Functional assessment is especially relevant in patients with cognitive impairment (CI). The Disability Assessment for Dementia (DAD) scale assesses functional ability and its use is becoming increasingly popular. This study aims to perform the translation and cultural adaptation of the DAD scale in order to create a Spanish(More)
The aim of this study was to determine reliability and validity of the Spanish version of the Disability Assessment for Dementia Scale (DAD-E) in the following areas: content, response process, internal structure, and relation to other constructs.We designed a cross-sectional observational study. The DAD-E was administered to 132 participants diagnosed with(More)
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