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Currently there are many types of sensors that are used in lots of applications. Among these, magnetic sensors are a good alternative for the detection and measurement of different phenomena because they are a "simple" and readily available technology. For the construction of such devices there are many magnetic materials available, although amorphous(More)
This paper describes several experiments performed by our research group to show the use of smartphones in physics teaching. We document our work on the development of apps for smartphones and on how to use recorded sensor data. As a final result, some interesting outcomes are obtained from the surveys conducted on the students about the use of these(More)
AIM To determine whether a relationship exists between the markers of severe acidemia (SA) and the developmental, verbal, and behavioral characteristics of children with SA born at term 5 years previously, without apparent neurological impairment. METHODS A cohort of 76 children-38 with SA (pH < 7, base deficit ≥12 mmol/L) and 38 non-SA (pH ≥ 7.20)-were(More)
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