M. Àngels Cerveró

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the impact of immigration on tuberculosis (TB)-HIV co-infection in Spain in a prospective cohort of HIV patients. METHODS Among 7761 HIV patients, we evaluated 1284 with at least one episode of TB between 1987 and 2006. Variables were compared between immigrants and Spaniards. RESULTS Incidence of TB decreased from 20 to five(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the global effects of HAART on the use of medical resources after the complete implementation of this therapy in Spain. This study was designed to determine the use of medical resources and the costs of health care for HIV-infected patients. METHODS All patients with HIV infection who came to our institution during the(More)
Introduction: Health inequality is the difference in incidence, prevalence, mortality, volume of diseases and other adverse sanitary conditions that exist between groups of specific populations. Objectives: To analyze the possible nutritional inequalities between two educational centers of Madrid to promote healthy habits, to anticipate the obesity and the(More)
OBJECTIVES We investigated the vitamin D status of patients receiving frequently used types of combination antiretroviral therapy (cART), including boosted protease inhibitor (PI) monotherapy. METHODS For this cross-sectional study, out of 450 HIV-infected patients followed in the Hospital Severo Ochoa (Madrid, Spain), we selected 352 patients for whom(More)
Objective The achievement of an adequate nutritional status is an important goal in the treatment of HIV infection and requires a proper assessment. We studied the nutritional status of a group of HIV-infected patients using biochemical and anthropometric measures. We assessed 91 outpatients followed in an urban infectious disease clinic in south Madrid(More)
INTRODUCTION High blood pressure (HBP) is a modifiable cardiovascular risk factor and its detection at early ages may allow strategies to be designed to reduce cardiovascular risk in adulthood. OBJECTIVES To provide blood pressure (BP) values in a sample of adolescents using an electronic oscillometric device. MATERIAL AND METHODS BP was measured(More)
We report a case of a patient with AIDS, CMV gastritis and esophageal candidiasis that presented as epigastric pain resistant to H2-receptor antagonists, and fever. Of interest in this case is the presence of cytomegalic inclusion bodies together with oedema and inflamatory infiltrate on the biopsy specimen of gastric mucosa, whereas on endoscopic(More)