Müjgan Sagir Özdemir

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A faculty-course-time slot assignment problem is studied. The multiobjective 0-1 linear programming model considering both the administration’s and instructors’ preferences is developed and a demonstrative example is included. Both modeling and solving such problems are difficult tasks due to the size, the varied nature, and conflicting objectives of the(More)
The unknown or ‘‘other’’ that affects our lives is what we usually very much want to know about to cope with uncertainty. We often suspect that it affects us with partial and indefinite evidence that it exists but we only have uncertain feelings about it. Even when we do not know what it is we would like to allow for its influence in our explaining the(More)
In most studies on cutting stock problems, it is assumed that the sizes of stock materials are known and the problem is to find the best cutting pattern combinations. However, the solution efficiency of the problem depends strongly on the size of stock materials. In this study, a two-step approach is developed for a 1,5 dimensional assortment problem with(More)
An invigilator is a person who supervises students during examinations in educational systems. Assigning invigilators to exams is an important phase in the exam scheduling process. The problem has its own constraints and a multi-objective structure. Hardly any mathematical models have been used in the past. Mostly, heuristic approaches are used to assign(More)