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Three retention systems, 4-META adhesive, Silicoating, and a conventional retention beads system, were used for resin-metal bonding. For each group, 40 standard specimens were prepared (20 for microleakage testing and 20 for tensile strength testing). Wax patterns were prepared, invested, and cast with a nickel-chromium alloy. The metal surfaces of the(More)
In this study, the adaptation of patients to removable partial dentures was evaluated related to articulation of Turkish phonemes. Articulation of /t,d.n,l,r/, /g,k/, /b,p,m/ and /s,z,ş,v,f,y,j,h,c/ phonemes were evaluated by three speech pathologists, on records taken from 15 patients before the insertion of a removable partial denture, just after(More)
The corrosion behavior of 12 high-gold, low-gold, palladium-silver, and nickel-chromium alloys was tested using electrochemical techniques. A 22-carat-gold alloy was used as a control. High-gold alloys were extremely resistant to corrosion, but the resistance of the alloys decreased with decreasing mobility (from high-gold, to palladium-silver, to low-gold,(More)
The neutral zone is defined as the area where the forces of the tongue pressing outward are neutralized by the forces of the cheeks and lips pressing inward. In this study records of neutral zones of 30 edentulous patients were used to establish the relation between teeth arrangement according to neutral zone principles and teeth arrangement according to(More)
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