Müge Kiray

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Increasing age decreases spatial learning and memory. Spatial learning is coordinated with different brain regions. Since the oxidative damage may play a role in the aging process, including the associated cognitive decline, age-related impairment in spatial learning and memory may be alleviated by antioxidant treatment. The present study examined the(More)
Melatonin has recently been suggested as an antioxidant that may protect neurons from oxidative stress. Acute ethanol administration produces both lipid peroxidation as an indicator of oxidative stress in the brain and impairs water-maze performance in spatial learning and memory tasks. The present study investigated the effect of melatonin against(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate the protective effects of methylprednisolone (Pn), which is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, and pheniramine maleate (Ph), which is an antihistaminic with some anti-inflammatory effects, on reperfusion injury in brain developing after ischemia of the left lower extremity of rats. MATERIAL AND METHODS(More)
The aim was to investigate the immunoreactivities for NOS enzymes in frontal cortex and meningeal vessels after chemical stimulation of the subarachnoid space of adolescent rats and the effect of sumatriptan pre-treatment on the immunoreactivities of the NOS enzymes. Male adolescent Wistar rats were used. Rats in group 1 did not taken intracisternal(More)
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