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In ball grid array (BGA) packages, solder balls are exposed to cyclic thermo-mechanical strains arising from the thermal mismatch between package components. Since fatigue cracks in solder balls are observed generally at the chip side junction, dedicated fatigue experiments are conducted using eutectic SnAgCu- Ni/Au specimens in order to mechanically(More)
Elimination of Pb usage in electronic assemblies accelerates the research on lead-free solder alloys. The Sn-Ag-Cu (SAC) ternary system draws attention among other lead-free candidates due to its superior creep and fatigue strength and slow-coarsening behavior in its near-eutectic alloys. Previous studies show that solder connections exposed to(More)
Delamination of mating interfaces can cause serious reliability problems in different application areas. The causes of delamination are multiple. In the case of leadframe-based chip packages, a critical interface is that between the leadframe and the moulding compound. Delamination can magnify stress levels at the interface and can lead to fatigue of(More)
MEMS devices and sensors in automotive applications are exposed to vibrations during service life. These vibrations can have a profound effect on the accuracy and reliability of the device. In this study a 3D force sensor, to be used in an automotive tire for the measurement of longitudinal and lateral forces is analysed. The study compromises two parts:(More)
Life time predictions of microelectronics products are based on accelerated tests (ALT) [1]. The statistical distribution of failures, as typically shown in a Weibull plot, arise from the random variables such as material properties and geometric tolerances in manufacturing. These variations give rise to uncertainty in product life [2]. During the project,(More)
SnAgCu ternary alloy is a commonly used lead-free alternative for SnPb solder. However, subjects regarding its thermo-mechanical response, microstructural evolution, material degradation and deformation mechanisms need further investigation. In BGA solder balls it is seen that deformation and damage propagation is strongly dependent on the microstructure in(More)