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Parasites are rarely associated with inflammation of the appendix. Generally, parasites cause acute abdominal pain via blocking the gut lumen. In this article, we presented a case of appendicitis where Enterobius vermicularis was detected in the surgical specimen and Taenia was detected in the stool. A 31 year old male patient was admitted to the emergency(More)
INTRODUCTION Because of the shortage of organs available for transplantation, living related sequential transplantation with the use of liver and a kidney from the same donor has emerged as a reasonable therapeutic alternative. However, there is insufficient literature about the complications that living donors experience after simultaneous kidney and liver(More)
INTRODUCTION Living donor liver transplantation (LDLT) is performed with increasing frequency worldwide due to the shortage of donated organs. It is a life-saving procedure for the recipient, but, on the other hand, a major surgical procedure for healthy donors and it may cause morbidity and even mortality. PATIENTS AND METHODS This research was completed(More)
INTRODUCTION We investigated the liver transplantation literature since 1975 and found the most frequently cited 100 articles and assessed the distribution of authors and journals of these articles. METHOD Using the advanced mode of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) Web of Science (WOS) search engine, the words "SU = transplantation AND TI =(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigated whether or not the stress and hypoxia, which are the effects of radiation on normal vascular endothelium, leading to the release of HIF-1α, VEGF, eIF2, TIA-1, and TSP-1 were related and the possibility of them stimulating angiogenesis.
 MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-four male Swiss Albino mice were separated into 4 groups.(More)
INTRODUCTION In living donor liver transplantation (LDLT), hepatic arterial continuity is crucial to avoid biliary leakage, biliary stricture, cholangitis, and graft and patient loss. Sometimes there exist factors making anastomosis difficult or even impossible. In these cases, a vascular graft may be needed to bridge the two arteries for revascularization.(More)
The aim was to evaluate the nutritional situation of patients admitted to the Postoperative Acute Care Unit using classic methods of objective anthropometry, systemic evaluation methods, and Nutrition Risk in Critically Ill (NUTRIC) score, and to compare them as a predictor of morbidity and mortality.At admission to the postoperative care unit, patients(More)
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