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Currently available inducible Cre/loxP systems, despite their considerable utility in gene manipulation, have pitfalls in certain scenarios, such as unsatisfactory recombination rates and deleterious effects on physiology and behavior. To overcome these limitations, we designed a new, inducible gene-targeting system by introducing an in-frame nonsense(More)
Asprosin is a recently discovered fasting-induced hormone that promotes hepatic glucose production. Here we demonstrate that asprosin in the circulation crosses the blood-brain barrier and directly activates orexigenic AgRP+ neurons via a cAMP-dependent pathway. This signaling results in inhibition of downstream anorexigenic proopiomelanocortin(More)
Background: Contraceptive methods (CM) are important resources in the prevention of adolescent pregnancy. This study aimed to investigate adolescent knowledge, attitudes and practices related to contraception. Study Design: A cross-sectional and exploratory study was conducted with 7th to 9th grade adolescents in northeastern Brazil. Their knowledge,(More)
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